Checklist of Common CPL Formatting Errors


  1. Missing front page header
  2. Copyright notice, bottom of front page, should use authors' full names
  3. Missing running headers
  4. Author headers should be in small caps
  5. Author headers should use `and' instead of `&'
  6. Should have page numbers - but not first page
  7. Page numbers should start and end at expected values


  1. Paper title should use initial capitals
  2. Authors with same affiliations should be stacked together
  3. Missing editor attribution


  1. Citations should not be used as nouns (paper must read correctly with parenthesized portions omitted)
  2. Parentheses should not be nested inside parentheses

Sections, Tables and Figures

  1. References to `Section 3', (equiv. `Table', `Equation', `Figure') should be capitalized
  2. Figures, tables should be centered
  3. Captions should be under figure or table
  4. Acknowledgments should follow main body, not be numbered
  5. Appendix should be lettered (`Appendix A'), should follow Acknowledgments


  1. Footnote marker should follow punctuation
  2. Footnote should be grammatically complete sentence


  1. Math in sentences should keep sentence grammatical
  2. Only referenced equations should have eqn numbers


  1. Inconsistent reference format
  2. Bad breaks on reference lines

Misc Problems

  1. Paper should be formatted for letter-sized (8.5x11 inch) paper rather than A4
  2. Orphaned lines
  3. Filename should be author followed by year, followed by letter index, e.g., jones02a

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