CPL Volume 1

(Special Issue on the Next 10 Years of Constraint Programming)

Introduction to the Special Issue
Lucas Bordeaux, Barry O'Sullivan, and Pascal Van Hentenryck; 1:1--2, 2007.

Holy Grail Redux
Eugene Freuder; 1:3--5, 2007.

Constraint Programming -- the Paradigm to Watch
Mark Wallace; 1:7--13, 2007.

The Science of Constraints
Carla Gomes and Bart Selman; 1:15--20, 2007.

Good and Bad Future of Constraint Programming (and Operations Research)
John Hooker; 1:21--32, 2007.

Data Models as Constraint Systems: A Key to the Semantic Web
Hassan Ait-Kaci; 1:33--88, 2007.

Copyright © CPL 2006. All rights reserved.

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